Nicco Reggente, Ph.D.

(Project Officer)


Nicco received his Ph.D. from UCLA in Cognitive Neuroscience and two B.A degrees from New York University in Psychology and Philosophy. His graduate work focused on using advanced neuroimaging tools and analyses (e.g. fMRI. machine-learning, and virtual reality) to decode the neural mechanisms supporting enhanced mnemonic retrieval, intelligence, psychiatric disorders, and disorders of consciousness. Nicco has received extensive sources of academic funding including the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship award and UCLA’s NIH funded Neuroimaging Training Program. Additionally, his primary research pursuits were supported by DARPA. For an update on Nicco’s work and writings, please see his blog, PhiloNeuro.

Nicco also has an entrepreneurial focus; he is the co-founder Strain Genie, which leverage machine learning for personalized medicine.

When Nicco is not in the lab or office, he enjoys surfing, meditating, traveling, disk golf, and reading/writing.