Elizabeth Koch


Elizabeth Koch is the co-founder of Tiny Blue Dot consciousness research foundation.

Elizabeth is also the founder of the Unlikely Collaborators, an event series that guides participants through a sequence of self-interrogations meant to illuminate inherent biases, assumptions and unconscious beliefs. This process helps Unlikely Collaborators forge new career and personal alliances with respect and humility.

She is co-founder and CEO of Catapult, a publishing company and writers’ community that uses extraordinary storytelling as a means of catalyzing empathy.

She’s also the founder of New Balloon, a media company at the nexus of entertainment and technology that has executive produced emotionally demanding films such as Beasts of No Nation (Netflix’s first Golden Globe nominated feature film) and Last Days in the Desert.

Elizabeth graduated from Princeton with a BA in English Literature. She earned an MFA in fiction from Syracuse University, where she was advised by George Saunders and won the Joyce Carol Oates Prize for her short fiction. Her writing has appeared in One Story, FENCE, Glimmer Train, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Los Angeles Review of Books and other publications, often under a pen name.